Case Results

Personal Injury

● Represented parents in wrongful death matter of daughter against a major health care provider.

● Represented parents against insurance company to recover death benefits for deceased son, resulting in the recovery of policy limits, and additional sums for bad faith insurance practices.

● Represented husband and wife in a products liability matter against a national manufacturer following an explosion from a water heater resulting in serious burn injuries and permanent scarring, also involving recovery for the wife's loss of consortium claim.

● Represented mother and daughter, critically injured victims of a highway crash caused by the negligence of a drunk driver with recovery of policy limits from multiple insurance companies.

● Represented in federal court a cruise ship passenger who suffered injuries from spewing fire which erupted on deck from the engine of the foreign-registered cruise ship while sailing in international waters, causing severe emotional and psychological injury.


● Represented many former employees of fortune 500 companies in a wrongful termination actions, including those whose injuries were totally and permanently disabling resulting in a structured settlement for life.

● Represented key executives, including both the Founder/Chief Executive Officer and the President and members of the Board of Directors, in the equity merger negotiations, and drafting of buy-sell documents, including employment compensation and bonus agreements, stock option and purchase agreements.

● Represented terminated insurance representative in wrongful termination action resulting in jury verdict in excess of $700,000.

● Represented and negotiated player contract terms for professional athletes, including the National Football League.

● Represented numerous employees in discrimination, sexual harassment, civil rights, termination, and retaliation claims, including against a prominent professional sports organization.

● Represented employees, including key executive of national health insurance company, involving breach of contract, religious discrimination, and severance claims.

● Represented estate of deceased visiting professor from foreign country who died after being denied medical benefits under an ERISA health benefit plan.

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Civil Litigation

● Represented oil company against claims of underground petroleum environmental contamination.

● Represented elderly couple against mortgage lender for age discrimination in lending action.

● Represented basketball league and executive against competitor, obtaining injunctive relief and monetary recovery for damages due to unfair competition and violation of trade secrets.