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The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that discrimination in the workplace is a form of illegal discrimination. That should have solved the problem, but employers throughout Utah continue to allow harassment on the job or hire, promote and fire workers based on their age, sex, religion, disability or political views.

If you are facing discrimination at your workplace in Utah, I am ready to help. My name is attorney Randy Andrus. For more than 25 years, I have been helping workers seek full and fair money damages and job protections after suffering discrimination.

From offices in Salt Lake City, I represent clients in communities along the Wasatch Front and throughout Utah. For violations of federal discrimination laws, I can also represent clients in U.S. District Court jurisdictions throughout the U.S. Call me at 801-535-4645 to make an appointment for a legal consultation with an experienced Salt Lake City workplace discrimination lawyer. I cannot give legal advice over the telephone. You may also use the contact email form to describe your circumstances. I will reply as quickly as my schedule allows.

I Understand Your Plight

I have been involved in hundreds of litigation cases involving every type of illegal discrimination. Andrus Law Firm is not a large downtown firm. I work as a solo attorney because it is important to work directly with every client throughout the case. I will fight aggressively to make sure your employer compensates you for the appropriate money damages you are owed.

Call me if you work in Utah and think you are the victim of any kind of workplace discrimination, including:

  • Sex discrimination, including sexual orientation and sexual harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Racial, ethnic or cultural discrimination
  • Discrimination because of a disability
  • Religious discrimination
  • Social group discrimination

What Does Discrimination Look Like? It's Not Always Obvious.

Employers often find ways to cover up discriminatory practices. If a company doesn't want to promote a deserving minority worker, for example, a supervisor may start a paper trail of poor performance reviews several months before the promotion date. A qualified woman may be passed over for promotion because the position was filled while she was out on maternity leave. Employers know how to avoid the risk of being too obvious. If you feel you have been singled out for discriminatory practices, call my office to discuss your circumstances.

Contact An Experienced Utah Gender Discrimination Lawyer

Call me at 801-535-4645 to arrange a personal case evaluation or contact me by email with details of your circumstances. I will discuss contingency fees and billing options during your initial consultation.