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Don't Put Up With Sexual Harassment, Assault or Abuse Any Longer

Unwanted sexual attention in the office. Lewd comments. Inappropriate emails. Groping and improper touching. Sexual harassment by an employer or colleague in the workplace can take many forms, all of them undesirable. And none of it should be tolerated.

An experienced, effective lawyer can help you bring sexual harassment to a stop. I am attorney Randy Andrus of Andrus Law Firm of Salt Lake City. My firm helps people fight for their rights along the Wasatch Front and throughout Utah.

On Your Side

When someone sexually harasses you in the workplace, Utah law and federal law are on your side. You need more than that, however. You need an attorney who not only knows the statutes, but also knows how to make the law work for you.

No one should be forced to endure a hostile work environment that includes sexual harassment. And no one should face retaliation for reporting the inappropriate behavior.

I have more than 30 years of experience, helping clients retake their rights and end their workplace misery. Sexual harassment can include:

  • Lewd jokes and comments
  • Comments about your physical appearance
  • A workplace environment in which inappropriate videos or pictures are shared
  • Requests or demands for sexual favors in exchange for promotions, raises, etc.

Gender simply does not matter. Either a male or female worker may have a valid legal claim against a male or female employer, supervisor or co-worker who engages in inappropriate behavior. You should also not face retaliation for reporting sexual harassment. Retaliation can include reduced hours, denials of promotions or raises, or even wrongful termination.

You may also have a valid legal claim that can result in compensation if you experience discrimination on the job, whether that discrimination is based on gender, race, religion, disability, age, ethnicity or pregnancy.

Sexual Assault And Sexual Abuse

It goes without saying that sexual assault and sexual abuse should never be tolerated in the workplace or any other place.

When a sexual assault, battery or sexual abuse of a minor or adult occurs, criminal courts are sometimes unable or unwilling to provide justice. Litigation can help punish the perpetrator financially, giving justice to victims, as well as full compensation for damages that can include medical bills, lost income, diminished earning capacity, physical or emotional disabilities, and pain and suffering.

I can help you or your loved one fight for deserved compensation.

I will take cases on contingency fees. I also offer a free initial consultation.

For more information, see case results and testimonials from past clients.

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