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Utah is an at-will employment state. That simply means that employees not working under contract have the right to quit their jobs "at will" and employers have the right to lay off or terminate workers for business purposes. However, employers do not have the right to terminate an employee in direct violation of the worker's civil rights.

If you think you may have been illegally fired from your job in Utah, you have the right to protect yourself. I am wrongful discharge lawyer Randy Andrus in Salt Lake City. I have experience representing employees who have suffered unlawful firing from companies of all sizes and business configurations, including large international corporations.

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You may have a wrongful termination litigation case if you believe you were fired for:

  • Reporting sexual harassment to your company's human resources department
  • Your age, sex or sexual orientation, religious beliefs, voting preference, military duty, social class, disability or other forms of illegal discrimination
  • Seeking to enforce or protect your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Reporting or calling attention to violations of a government contract (whistle-blower)
  • Applying for workers' compensation or short-term disability
  • Applying for time off work under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Reporting a violation of wage and hour law under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Seeking legal counsel about terms of an executive compensation package or employment contract
  • Reporting your employer's violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations
  • Reporting violations of federal, state or municipal environmental regulations

Constructive Discharge - Another Form Of Wrongful Termination

Employers know that firing an employee may lead to charges of illegal discrimination or wrongful discharge. To avoid problems, they instruct management to enforce policies or workplace procedures that they know are nearly impossible for a specific person to work under. Excessive overtime, lack of pay raises or promotion, poor performance reviews, undeserved criticism and strict adherence to policies are often the first clue that the employer is hoping the worker quits. It is known as constructive discharge and it is often a legitimate case for wrongful termination.

Public Policy, Terms Of Grants And Government Contracts

Employers who accept a service, construction or manufacturing contract or grant from a government agency are often required by provisions of the agreement or by public policy to maintain certain job positions over the duration of the agreement. If you feel your hours were reduced or your job was eliminated in violation of the terms of the policy, contract or grant, you may have a claim for wrongful termination.

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