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There's a distinct difference between basic legal counsel and professional representation. Mr. Andrus was able to establish not only his vast knowledge of the law, but also his empathetic approach towards the emotionally sensitive and very personal circumstances that surrounded my decision to ask for his help. I found that at every step of the process, Mr. Andrus represented an such a way that I never felt as though I was simply a means to an end for him. He fought for my integrity and my truth. The Andrus Law Firm separated themselves from the initial consult by offering to meet face to face, discuss the details of the case, and make a decision together regarding how I wanted to handle the events following.  I was kept in the loop, but also protected from any and all unnecessary legal banter. No one wants to “need” legal counsel, but if/when it's necessary, it's imperative to find someone who takes the time to ask about your goals, objectives, and intention and honors them. While Mr. Andrus was able to “win” the case, the real win for me was finally realizing justice without malice was possible. Mr. Andrus' legal approach is highly detailed, yet undeniably ethical.  He does not back down.  He does not quit.  I am forever grateful for his counsel, representation, and tact. Thank you to Mr. Andrus and his Firm for their kindness and continued support.  Not only do I recommend Mr. Andrus, but I fully endorse him.  Thank you again sir.  You are world class!

– C.M.

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