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Injured due to lack of security? You may have a premises liability claim.

Your personal safety should come first when you are in any public place. You shouldn’t have to worry about being shot, assaulted or attacked while you are shopping, walking in a parking garage, a stairwell or riding an elevator in an apartment complex.

Unfortunately, violent attacks and other criminal activity sometimes occurs due to lack of security. Were you or a loved one attacked on someone else’s property? Were you seriously injured? Are you unsure what do to now?

Don’t let the property owner where your attack happened or anyone else dictate what happens to you. Get a negligent security lawyer who gets results. Contact attorney Randy M. Andrus in Salt Lake City. He can fight for your rights and demand the compensation you rightfully deserve for your injury claim.

Attorney Andrus, his wife, Cynthia, and his entire legal team at Andrus Law Firm have years of experience handling complex cases. Attorney Andrus personally has more than three decades of legal experience. As a team, we have successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Case results truly matter here.

What’s the key to our success? We thoroughly understand how the legal system works in Utah. We know the law and we know how to fight to hold the property owner responsible for their actions and your injury. Whatever the circumstances of your negligent security claim, we’re committed to winning your case.

What is negligent security?

Negligent security is a legal term that often refers to criminal activity (assaults, shootings, muggings, etc.) that occurs due to a lack of security. These legal claims often involve an area of the law known as premises liability. That’s because property owners can be held liable for injuries or attacks that occur on their property.

Negligent security claims can be extremely complicated legal cases. In order to win your case, you will likely need to demonstrate that the property owner did not take the necessary precautions to prevent a violent crime or other illegal activity from occurring on their property. It’s also often important to show that the property owner knew about these risks to the public but failed to take any preventative measures.

Lack of security can cover a wide range of measures not taken by property owners to protect public safety. Examples can include a lack of working security video cameras, slow response time by security guards, defective emergency exits or not having any security personal (including an armed guard) on the premises in a high crime area or anyplace where there’s a reasonable risk of criminal activity.

What are common negligent security cases?

Negligent security cases can cover a wide range. Some of the most common legal cases filed by people who have been injured or attacked on someone else’s property often involve:

These are just a few examples of negligent security cases that can result in a serious injury or fatality. If a loved one died due to negligent security, your family may want to consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit on your loved one’s behalf. You can discuss such issues when you meet with us about your potential case.

Who’s responsible for paying my negligent security claim?

In most negligent security cases, you do not take legal action against the actual person who assaulted you or committed the crime. Instead, you will likely take legal action against the owner of the property where your crime took place. These legal cases are known as third party claims. That simply means you are taking legal action against someone other than the person who directly caused your injury.

Your negligent security case will also likely involve filing an injury claim with the insurance company for the property owner. Ideally, the property owner or their insurance company will pay your medical bills and other injury-related expenses.

Many property owners often claim they did everything they could to protect you and the rest of the public. They might even try to claim your injury was somehow your fault. Insurance companies often happily agree with them. That’s because they’re often looking for any excuse to reduce or deny your negligent security claim.

When this happens to you, it’s critical that you have an experienced attorney investigating your case and demanding the compensation you deserve. Otherwise, you could end up having to pay for your injury-related expenses out of your own pocket.

What makes negligent security cases different in Utah?

When seeking compensation for your injury-related expenses, it’s important to understand that Utah has what’s called a “modified comparative fault” system when it comes to obtaining financial compensation in negligent security cases.

Under Utah’s rules, someone who is partially at fault for causing an accident may obtain financial compensation for their injury. However, in order to do so, the partially at-fault party must be determined to be either 50 percent at fault or less in order to obtain compensation.

If an insurance company or jury determines you are more than 50 percent at fault, you would not receive any money under Utah’s modified comparative fault system. That’s why it’s critical that you have a lawyer on your side that thoroughly understands how the system works in Utah.

Who can I sue for negligent security?

Filing a negligent security lawsuit can sometimes be the best way to obtain the financial compensation you deserve for your injury-related expenses. Depending on the circumstances of your injury, assault or attack, you may be able to take legal action against any of the following individuals or businesses:

  • Business owner
  • Security company
  • Property management company
  • Landlord
  • Insurance company for the property owner

These legal cases can often be very complicated. The property owner and their insurance company will likely hire several lawyers to defend their actions and deny your claim. Having a lawyer on your side can help level the playing field.

How can a negligent security lawyer help me?

When you have an attorney working for you, you can make sure your injury gets the attention you rightfully deserve. Your lawyer can help you in many different ways, including:

  • Conduct an in-depth investigation into what happened, including:
  • Reviewing security camera footage, if available.
  • Tracking down witnesses and interview them, if possible.
  • Consulting with security experts, if necessary, to gain their insights into what happened.
  • Deal directly with the property owner’s insurance company on your behalf.
  • Negotiate a settlement offer that covers the true cost of your injury-related expenses.
  • If the at-fault party’s insurance company refuses to negotiate, file a negligent security lawsuit on your behalf.
  • Represent you or your family in all court proceedings if your case goes to trial.

The stakes are high in many negligent security cases. Property owners, insurance companies and their attorneys know this. That’s why they often do everything they can to deny your claim. Your attorney can demand the money you deserve for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

Get a negligent security lawyer who gets results

You didn’t do anything wrong. You shouldn’t have to pay for a property owner’s mistakes. Put your trust in law firm that puts your needs first. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation with attorney Randy M. Andrus in Salt Lake City. We proudly handle negligent security cases throughout Utah.

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