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Attacks at Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs

Have you been shot, stabbed, or attacked in a bar or nightclub in Utah?

Bar fights, nightclub shootings and other violent attacks can result in serious injuries. In an instant, you or a loved one can sustain a life-threatening injury caused by a customer or an aggressive security guard. In certain extreme circumstances, people sometimes die in shootings and stabbings and other violent attacks.

If you or a family member was seriously injured or worse in an attack at a bar, restaurant, or nightclub in Salt Lake City or anywhere else in Utah, attorney Randy M. Andrus can be your voice for justice. Attorney Andrus and his knowledgeable legal team at Andrus Law Firm have years of experience handling complex negligent security cases. Attorney Andrus personally has more than three decades of legal experience.

When you have our law firm on your side, we thoroughly investigate what happened. We then demand the compensation you deserve, whether it’s negotiating a settlement offer or filing a lawsuit and fighting for you in court. If you’re dealing with the death of a loved one due to their attack, we can file a wrongful death lawsuit on your family’s behalf, if necessary. You can count on us when it matters most.

Can I sue the nightclub, bar, or restaurant where I was attacked?

In many cases, you can file a lawsuit against the bar, nightclub or restaurant where your attack took place. In most cases, negligent security claims involve premises liability law. This area of the law involves the rights and responsibilities of the property owner.

Specifically, property owners (including the owner of the bar, nightclub, or restaurant) need to take precautions to protect the safety of patrons in their establishments, including:

  • Having working security cameras in the building, especially near entrances and exits
  • Hiring security guards and bouncers, especially at nightclubs
  • Making sure emergency exits are locked from the outside so intruders cannot get inside
  • Properly training security guards and bouncers on how to handle violent situations
  • Making sure security guards or other employees respond to incidents in a timely manner. (Slow response time to violent incidents is a common problem.)
  • Having metal detectors at the entrance, especially for nightclubs in high crime areas

Whatever the circumstances of your potential case, a negligent security attorney can review the facts of your case and help you decide if filing a lawsuit is the right approach based on your specific circumstances.

What do I need to prove when taking legal action against a bar or nightclub after an attack?

In order to build a successful legal case against the bar or nightclub where your attack took place, you will need to gather evidence proving negligence on their part. Specifically, you will need to demonstrate that the owners were aware of existing risks, hazardous conditions or other dangers that resulted in your attack.

This might sound straightforward, but many bar or nightclub owners often deny doing anything wrong in order to try to avoid being held liable (a formal term for legally responsible) for your attack-related injuries and expenses.

This is why it’s critical that you have an attorney working for you who knows what to do. You need a lawyer who can demand access to video footage or other critical pieces of evidence from the bar, nightclub or restaurant. If they refuse to cooperate, your attorney can take legal action, if necessary, to obtain such evidence.

How much is my claim worth?

There is no set dollar amount when it comes to how much your injury claim could be worth. That’s because every nightclub or bar attack often has its own unique circumstances. The bottom line is you should be fairly compensated for all your injury-related expenses, immediately afterwards, as well as in the future. These expenses can include:

  • Ambulance fees
  • Emergency room medical care
  • Medical diagnostic tests
  • Overnight hospital fees
  • Replacement income during your recovery
  • Lost future income if you cannot return to work
  • Pain and suffering in certain circumstances

The stakes are high. In many cases, your bar or nightclub injury claim could be worth thousands or perhaps millions of dollars depending on many different factors, including the severity of your injury and how much time you need to recover.

Insurance companies representing bar or nightclub owners know this. That’s why they often make settlement offers soon after an attack. Unfortunately, these settlement offers rarely cover all injury-related expenses. What’s more, if you accept an offer, you could forfeit your right to demand additional money in the future. That’s why it’s important to discuss your case and any potential settlement offer with an experienced negligent security attorney.

A negligent security lawyer can fight for compensation

Put your trust in a lawyer who knows the law and understands how the legal system works in Utah. Contact our law firm in Salt Lake City and schedule your free case evaluation. Attorney Andrus can review the details of your attack, explain the options available to you and get straight to work on your case. We understand the seriousness and the urgency of your bar, restaurant or nightclub attack, and we want to help.

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