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Dangerous Parking Lots and Parking Garages

Our Salt Lake City lawyer can demand compensation due to negligent security

Parking your car should not be dangerous. No matter if you’re parking in a parking lot or parking garage, it’s reasonable to expect that you will not be attacked, shot or stabbed before or after you park your car.

Unfortunately, the owners of parking facilities don’t always make public safety their top priority. As a result, you and many other people may be victims of violent attacks or other criminal activity.

If you were the victim of crime in a parking lot in Salt Lake City or anywhere else in Utah, attorney Randy M. Andrus can demand justice for you. He and his entire legal team at Andrus Law Firm understand how the legal systems work here. We know what evidence matters in negligent security cases. As your legal team, we can fight for the financial compensation you rightfully deserve.

What qualifies as negligent security in a parking garage or parking lot?

Many negligent security cases involving parking garages or parking lots involve premises liability law. These laws involve the rights and responsibilities of property owners. In the case of parking garages or parking lots, that means they need to take reasonable precautions to protect the safety and well-being of people on the premises, including:

  • Adequate lighting in parking areas, stairways, elevators, and other public spaces
  • Working security cameras placed throughout the garage
  • Someone actively monitoring the security cameras
  • A security guard on site, in many instances
  • Making sure the security guard responds to incidents in a timely manner

Often, this is simply the bare minimum when it comes to protecting people using parking garages or parking lots. Unfortunately, some facility owners don’t even take these steps, resulting in a dangerous environment that puts the public at risk. When that happens and you are attacked, your lawyer can help you build a strong legal case to prove negligence.

Who can I sue if I was attacked in a parking garage or parking lot?

Depending on the circumstances of your attack or other criminal activity, you may be able to file a negligent security lawsuit against the following companies:

  • The owner of the parking garage or parking lot
  • The security company responsible for guarding the parking garage or parking lot
  • The insurance company for the parking garage owner or security company

If you decide to take legal action in Utah, it’s important to understand the state’s legal system. Specifically, Utah has a “modified comparative fault” system when it comes to negligent security cases. As a result, you will need to prove that you were 50 percent or less at fault. Or rather, you will need to prove that the parking garage owner or security company was 50 percent or more at fault. If not, you will not be able to obtain financial compensation you deserve for your injury-related expenses.

How do I know if I have a legal case due to my parking garage attack?

Every negligent security case involving a parking garage or parking lot is different. Some involve several different companies and can turn into complex legal matters very quickly. Others may seem straightforward at first, especially if there’s security camera footage of what happened or eyewitness testimony.

The bottom line is the best way to know if you have a strong legal case is to talk to an attorney. A negligent security lawyer can investigate what happened, review the facts of the case and explain all the legal options available to you. The sooner you do this, the better. That’s because the evidence needed to build these cases can disappear over time. Without strong evidence, you will likely have a hard time getting the compensation you deserve.

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