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Utah sexual abuse attorney Randy M. Andrus understands how complicated and confusing such cases can be for many people. Sometimes, the abuse happened years ago. Regardless of when it occurred, coming forward and speaking out can be challenging for many people.

You’re not alone. We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there for people just like you many times in the past. That’s why people who have been sexually abused often turn to the Andrus Law Firm in Salt Lake City when they need us most.

Abuse and Assault FAQs

Taking the first step can often be the hardest one. In these cases, that often means picking up the phone and talking to a lawyer about your legal options. That’s why we want to talk to you at your convenience. You can meet with us here in our office or anywhere you feel comfortable talking to us.

Anything you say during your free consultation with our law firm will remain private and confidential. That’s because we understand how sensitive these cases can often be for people who have been sexually abused.

Types of sexual abuse and sexual assault cases

Sexual abuse cases can cover a wide range. Some of the different types of sexual abuse and sexual assault cases we regularly handle at our law firm in Salt Lake City include:

Whatever type of case you’re dealing with, you can count on us to put your best interests first. Simply contact our law firm and schedule an appointment with us.

We understand the sensitive nature of your case. Talk confidentially with us.

Sexual assault and sexual abuse are serious crimes. As a result, you may encounter strong resistance from the person who assaulted or abused you. If they worked in a position of authority at a school, church or hospital, you may find yourself involved in a legal battle with these institutions.

Some law firms avoid complex cases. We’re honored to take them on. That’s because we truly want to help you when you need our help the most. Since attorney Andrus and his and his legal team – including his wife, Cynthia Andrus – have handled these cases for decades, we know how to build the strongest possible case. Discover what a dedicated, Utah sexual abuse attorney can do for you. Contact us today.

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