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Warning Signs of Child Molestation

Salt Lake City child abuse lawyer explains what to look for

Often, there are warning signs of child molestation. Identifying them can often be very challenging. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for as soon as possible. That way, you and your family can hopefully put a stop to such sexual abuse and assault as soon as possible.

At the Andrus Law Firm of Salt Lake City, we know what to look for because we have been handling complex cases for more than three decades. Salt Lake City child molestation attorney Randy M. Andrus and his legal team – including his wife, Cynthia – take these cases very seriously because we know what’s at stake. That’s why we want to meet with you.

Warning signs of child molestation

The warning signs of child molestation can be subtle or sometimes very obvious. They include:

  • Unusual bruises or unexplained injuries
  • Blood stains on clothes, especially underwear
  • Unexplained changes in mood
  • Sudden weight loss or loss of appetite
  • Bed wetting or frequent nightmares
  • Awareness of sex or sexual matters at a young age
  • Unexplained absences or extra time away from home

You know if something seems wrong. If you suspect something, say something. It’s better to be wrong than waiting to take legal action to protect your child or another loved one from abuse.

You’re not alone. Talk privately with a Utah child abuse attorney.

Some parents and adults are reluctant to take legal action. They’re afraid they may be wrong and could be pointing the finger at an innocent person. It is better to be wrong and have the police investigate a potential incident. Otherwise, the abuse could continue for weeks or months or perhaps even years.

You’re doing the right thing. Talk to a lawyer at our law firm to learn more about your legal options. Contact us and schedule your free consultation with an experienced, Salt Lake City child abuse lawyer you can trust. Everything you say during your consultation will remain private and confidential. We promise.

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