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Clergy, Priest and Rabbi Abuse

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Dealing with being abused by a priest, rabbi or another member of the clergy can change people’s lives forever. We know because Salt Lake City sexual abuse attorney Randy M. Andrus has been dealing with complex cases for more than three decades.

Talking about sexual abuse and assault can be challenging for anyone. The memories can be so painful and so traumatic for so many people. That’s why many people wait years to come forward if they were abused by a religious figure that the community trusted.

Fortunately, statutes of limitations (deadlines) for taking legal action in these cases has been extended. So, when you decide the time is right, simply contact the Andrus Law Firm in Salt Lake City. You can talk to attorney Randy M. Andrus confidentially, free of charge.

Legal issues involving clergy abuse cases

Sexual abuse cases involving clergy, priests, rabbis and other religious figures often bring up a lot of complicated legal issues. These include:

  • The priest, clergy member or rabbi no longer lives in the same area.
  • The clergy member, priest or rabbi lives in another country.
  • The rabbi, priest or clergy member denies the abuse.
  • There is no physical evidence since the abuse occurred years ago.

We realize it’s difficult for many people who were abused by priests, rabbis or other clergies to come forward. That’s why we want you to know you can talk to us wherever you want, on your terms.

You’re not alone. We believe you. Schedule your confidential, free consultation.

Another reason why these cases can be so intimidating for so many people is because you will likely need to take on a large, religious institution. In many cases, that means going up against an entire team of attorneys hired by the church to defend its actions.

We know what you’re going through and we want to help. Attorney Andrus and his legal team – including his wife, Cynthia – know how to investigate claims and negotiate effectively with other attorneys and religious organizations. That’s why we have a successful track record.

Put your trust in a Salt Lake City clergy abuse attorney who will put your best interests first. Contact our law firm and schedule your free consultation at our Salt Lake City office. We’re here for you when you need us most.

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