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Evidence Limitations in Assault Claims

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Many times, many sexual abuse and assault cases in Utah involve evidence limitations, especially if you were abused and your case goes to court. What are these limitations and how could they impact your case?

It is important to talk with an experienced, Utah assault attorney who knows the law and understands how the legal system works here. That way, you can make informed decisions and understand how evidence limitations may impact your case.

We can help you at the Andrus Law Firm in Salt Lake City. Assault attorney Randy M. Andrus and his legal team – including his wife, Cynthia – have been handling such complex cases throughout the state. You can count on us when it counts.

Legal issues involving evidence limitations in assault claims

Like many states, Utah often places restrictions on what evidence can be presented in court when it comes to assault claims and civil lawsuits. That way, someone’s past actions or their personal character cannot be a factor in their current assault case.

The issue of evidence limitations is especially common in cases involving sexual assault claims. Specifically, the lawyer representing the person accused of sexual assault may request that restrictions be placed on what information can be shared in court about the accused’s sex life.

As a result, it’s important that you have an experienced attorney representing you who understands these evidence limitations and how to work around them. Otherwise, your case might not get the attention it deserves or could be dismissed altogether.

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