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Explicit and Implicit Harassment

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Explicit versus implicit sexual harassment can be difficult to deal with in Utah. Sometimes, harassment can be very straightforward and blatant. Other times, it can be much subtler and harder to prove. That’s why it’s critical that you talk with a Utah sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible about your concerns.

At the Andrus Law Firm in Salt Lake City, we know how to handle complex cases. That’s because we’ve been doing this work for more than three decades. We know Utah’s sexual harassment laws. We understand how the legal system works. We know how to build the strongest possible legal case. That’s why we want to meet with you in private so you can explain to us exactly what happened. We’re here to help you when it matters most.

What’s the difference between explicit and implicit sexual harassment?

Explicit sexual harassment is straightforward. There’s absolutely no question that sexual harassment occurred at work. Examples of explicit sexual harassment include:

  • Your supervisor explicitly demanding sex in exchange for you keeping your job
  • A co-worker inappropriately touching you at work
  • Your boss constantly making sexually explicit comments

Implicit sexual harassment can be very subtle, which is also what can make such cases so complicated. Implicit sexual harassment may include:

  • Your supervisor asks you out for a drink after work. After you say no, you are passed over for a well-deserved promotion in the future.
  • Your boss hints at wanting to engage in sexual activity with you. After you refuse such sexual advances, you are fired or demoted.
  • Several co-workers constantly make sexually offensive jokes. You complain to your supervisor, who does nothing to change your hostile work environment.

Whatever type of sexual harassment you’re dealing with in the workplace, we want to help you put a stop to this behavior and make sure the people responsible for these actions are held accountable.

Give your case the attention it deserves. Talk to a lawyer at our law firm.

Whether you’re dealing with explicit or implicit sexual harassment at work, it’s important to understand the law and the legal options available to you. We know Utah’s sexual harassment laws and can explain them to you during your free consultation with us.

It’s also important to realize that your employer likely already has at least one lawyer investigating your sexual harassment claim. The reason they likely hired an attorney is simple – they want to discredit you and defend their actions. That’s because there can often be thousands or even millions of dollars at stake. Contact our law firm to find out how we can help you with your sexual harassment claim.

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