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Sexual Harassment and Unwanted Physical Contact

Count on a Salt Lake City harassment attorney not intimidated by the opposition

Unwanted physical contact at work is considered sexual harassment. Sounds straightforward, but the reality is such cases often turn out to be very complicated for many different reasons. That’s why it’s critical that you have an experienced sexual harassment lawyer on your side, defending your rights.

In Utah, the Andrus Law Firm in Salt Lake City has a well-earned reputation for being a top-notch law firm when it comes to sexual harassment cases in the workplace. Sexual harassment attorney Randy M. Andrus knows the law and understands which legal strategies often work best when it comes to such complex cases. You can count on him when it matters most.

Types of sexual harassment involving unwanted physical contact

You have the right to say no to someone else touching your body at work. No matter what your job, you have control and you decide who can touch you. If you say no, that’s unwanted physical contact – and that’s sexual harassment. Examples of unwanted physical contact can include:

  • A co-worker or supervisor putting their hand on any part of your body
  • A fellow employee massaging you without your permission
  • Someone pressing their body up against yours without your permission
  • A supervisor or co-worker groping you

No means no. If you have been physically touched at work by someone else, take strong legal action. Contact our law firm and learn more about your legal rights.

Talk privately with a Utah harassment lawyer you can trust to fight for you

Don’t count on your sexual harassment case being straightforward. Obstacles often come up when you least expect them. The person who touched you at work may deny doing so. Or they might try to claim you were the one who did so. Your employer might take their side and hire an attorney to defend their actions – even though they should be supporting you.

Fortunately, you can count on us. Our law firm knows how to effectively investigate these cases. We also understand the sensitive nature of these cases. Anything you discuss with us will remain private and confidential. Contact our law firm and schedule your free consultation with a Salt Lake City sexual harassment attorney you can trust. Call now.

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